Parham Close

Craven Road

Area where new path is and area where trees were planted before in 2009/2010

Top of Queensway—Left hand side

Tilgate Close

Craven Path


a1 Plum - Farleigh Damson St J A


b1 Apple - Manningtons Pearman M111

b2 Apple - Mid Blossom M111


c1 Cherry Plum

c2 Cherry Plum


d1 Apple - Sussex Mother M111

d2 Apple - Forge M111


e1 Pear - Dr Jules Guyot PD

e2 Pear - Louise Bonne of Jersey QA

e3 Walnut - Buccaneer

e4 Walnut - Broadview


f1 Apple - Wadhurst Pippin M25

f2 Apple - Saltcote Pippin M25

f3 Apple - Bossom M25 - 2013


g1 Apple - Charles Ross M25

g2 Apple - Egremont Russett M111

g3 Apple - Barnack Orange M25

g4 Apple - Yorkshire Greening M25

g5 Apple - Dr Hogg M111

g6 Apple - Norfolk Beefing M25

g7 Apple - Crawley Beauty M111


h1 Plum - Cambridge Gage St J A

h2 Plum - Jubileum St J A


q1 Cherry Plum


Queensway opp. bus stop

Map of Craven Vale with areas marked where trees are planted