L1 Apple - Tower of Glamis M111

L2 Apple - Thorle Pipin M111

L3 Apple - Kerry Pipin M111

L4 Apple - Coul Blush M111

L5 Apple - Forfar M111

L6 Apple - Sam Young M111

L7 Apple - Roxbury Russet M111

L8 Apple - Ard Cairn Russet M111

L9 Apple - First and Last M111

L10 Apple - Beauty of Moray M111

L11 Apple Crawley Beauty M111


m1 Apple - Ribston Pippin M25

m2 Apple - Nonpareil M25

m3 Apple - St Everard M25

m4 Apple - Rajka M25

m5 Apple - Grenadier M25


n1 Apple - Bountiful M25

n2 Apple - Beauty of Kent M25

n3 Apple - Jumbo M25

n4 Apple - George Cave M25


o1 Cherry Plum-Golden Sphere St J A

o2 Damson–Merryweather St J A


p1 Plum - Blaisdon Red St J A

p2 Plum - Yellow Pershore St J A


Map of Craven Vale with areas marked where trees are planted

Craven Vale flats at the back of Southwater Close

Craven Vale flats - back of Queensway 89-99

Back of the Vale Community Centre